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Monday, September 22

Female cops disciplined for 'unprofessional behaviour' for photo taken with rapper, 50 cent

In what was deemed as unprofessional,
three officers of the law have been disciplined for fawning over rapper 50 Cent while on the job.
    Sgt. Craig Laufer and deputies Pamela Gibbs and Yvane Moreland received 'verbal counseling' for what their supervisors described as 'unprofessional' behavior during the rapper's appearance at the county courthouse earlier this month.
'During the incident, both (deputies) were seen holding onto Mr. Jackson's waist area and for a period of time Mr. Jackson was holding onto (Deputy) Gibb's around her waist, while walking through the courthouse,' according to their supervisor.

  According to their supervisor,all parties involved placed themselves in a position of disadvantage, neglecting their assigned duties to their position and being too carefree due to the rapper's status as a celebrity.It also has to be noted that all deputies involved were in their class 'B' uniform, thus giving a poor perspective and lack of neutrality on behalf of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.' 
The recommended discipline for the trio was 'verbal couseling.' 

   The rapper was in court fighting an order to pay a Bradenton earphone manufacturer more than $16 million in connection with a failed partnership to produce the entertainer's line of headphones
 A bit too much but the law is the law.