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Thursday, September 18

Chris Brown's commitment to Karrueche Tran and why he wants to marry her

   To propose or not to propose.Chris Brown is getting ready to make a commitment to his love,Karrueche Tran.After all his past and recent travails,the singer is learning how to appreciate Karrueche Tran and even how to trust her.

Yes,a proposal,a ring,a lifetime commitment might just be in the pipeline.

  Friends of the superstar say that he is a changed man who is tired of hurting Karrueche who has stood by his side all through his ups and downs. We're told that while the couple both want children one day, Chris would rather put a ring on Kae's hand first.He is tired of losing and he doesn't want to lose Karrueche.

   We're told Chris has even begun to understand love, especially how it works, and he thinks that Karrueche is the root of it. She would do anything for him. That's some love that not a lot of people ever get to experience in this life."

Well,don't hold your breath,the confirmation of their union might not be anytime soon.They have got their whole lives ahead of them and they would love to take their time.