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Thursday, September 18

Chris Brown says he will beat Usher in a dance contest

Chris Brown is a good dancer,no doubt.Ever since he came into the limelight,this young entertainer never stops to thrill his eager fans with amazing dance moves.

Chris is undeniably a stunner but is he a better dancer than Usher who has reigned as a dance icon for almost two decades?

Breezy was asked who would win in a dance-off between him and his "New Flame" collaborator. Chris got cocky.

"See, I don't like to be cocky or arrogant anymore, but when it comes to dancing, when you say 'Chris Brown' and you say 'dancing,' you're gonna have to bring your A game," he said.

Brown went back in time,using a 1997 NBA game between Allen Iverson's Philadelphia 76ers and Michael Jordan's legendary Chicago Bulls team to prove his point. At the time MJ, was without question basketball's greatest active player and Iverson was a young upstart from Virginia with tremendous ability and a new-school hip-hop swagger.

"It's like when Iverson crossed Jordan," Brown says, comparing an Usher match-up to the time when A.I. unexpectedly shook MJ out of his Air Jordan sneakers.

"It's a little different, these moves a little new," Brown said with a laugh.

Chris Brown then proceeded to clarify that Usher will not stand a chance in a dance challenge.Cocky much.

Chris has thrown the gauntlet down,maybe Usher will accept the challenge or the 'Good kisser' can kiss the dance crown goodbye.Posing the question to our readers,who do you think would emerge as a winner in a Chris vs. Usher dance battle?