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Tuesday, September 30

Amber Rose caught Wiz Khalifa allegedly cheating with twin sisters

Amber Rose must have received the worst shock of her entire life when the model walked in on Wiz Khalifa allegedly cheating with LA party twins Jas and Ness Rose in one of his homes.

It looks like Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose's marital issues might be even worse than we thought. Wiz allegedly cheated on Amber with not one but two women at the same time And as for the reports that their relationship was already over at the time, well, Amber's close friend, radio DJ and host Peter Rosenberg, claims otherwise. Here's what he says really happened between Wiz and Amber.

Amber gave him the full gist on Wiz Khalifa's philandering ways, revealing on his Hot 97 radio show.

And even though Wiz and Amber were having issues at the time, they were still very much together, Peter claims.

"They had problems but their marriage was not over," the radio host says. "I believe that she knew they had problems, she knew he wasn't happy, and she was not happy either."

The twins Wiz allegedly hooked up with, Jas and Ness Rose, shared a selfie with him on their Instagram account in late June, with the caption: "Selfie hour last night w/ @mistercap. #LAnights #Vibe #JustARegularDay". The photo has since been taken down. Meanwhile, Amber was posting about her love for Wiz on her own Instagram account as recently as three weeks ago.