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Saturday, August 16

Woman Claims She's Blue Ivy's Mum ,Sues Beyonce and Jay Z

Power couple ,Beyonce and Jay z have been sued by a woman claiming she's blue ivy mum.The homeless woman tina steals filed a federal law suit in new york city asking a judge to give her financial compensation after alleging that she had given her eggs to the couple. 
     According to radar online, Seals in her handwritten lasw suit says, “Through mutual associates Plaintiff (myself) provided DNA egg for Beyoncé and Jay Z and look to work out some type of (sic) contractual agreement with Defendants that: a:) Would compensate me for my services with reference to Blue Ivy Doe. B) Would remove any criminal liability associated with the unlawful use of my DNA for the parties involved. C) Would terminate Plaintiff Parental Rights immediately and extend full parental rights to Defendants w/o Plaintiff support.”
  Seals is asking for DNA testing to be conducted on Blue Ivy and “mandated mediation pending test results … I desire to preserve this relationship as these are great people!”