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Wednesday, August 13

Talking drummer,Ara revealed the secret that led to her divorce

   Nigerian talking drummer Aralolu Olamuyiwa aka Ara in a recent interview opens up about regrets from her 3 year marriage to Olalekan Saliu.On her split from her hubby: "It's not even divorce. As at the time we got married, he (Olalekan Saliu) was still legally married to another woman. I wasn't aware. So, automatically, our marriage was annulled Ab Initio." On regrets from the marriage: "I don't have regret because a beautiful child came out of it. If I say I have a regret, then my son will be a regret. I don't have to regret it because of my son." On problems of the marriage: "Yes, I was depressed and downcast. I never planned my life like that. I never knew I will experience this. I have always loved family life, having children who would be raised under the atmosphere of love. When all of that was happening, I naturally lost hope, but my son returned my hope."