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Thursday, August 21

Reason behind Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey's divorce


There has been rumors for months now about Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon going their seperate ways.Truth be told,they held it together for long(for an Hollywood couple).
From reports gathered, the couple has had a multitude of problems that have driven them apart for some time now and the signs of an impending divorce has been imminent.
When they first got together, Nick catered to her, now sources say that she believes that he has cheated on multiple occasions. So much so that she hired a bodyguard, not to keep women at bay, but to keep Nick from approaching them. If that's the case then divorce would seem pretty likely.  
The couple have been separated since May and lawyers are working out their property split. Nick only sees the kids and not Mariah. It seems Mariah can't seem to get over the fact that Nick slept with Kim Kardashian which is totally ridiculous.The diva also got angry at the fact that Nick told veteran radio personality,Howard Stern that Mariah refused to have sex with Nick before they married.Well,we can't vouch for Nick's discretion there.We only hope it is the best decision for both of them.