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Wednesday, August 13

Grace Amah's response for having her child out of wedlock

   Cute and petite, Nollywood actress, Grace Amah shocked some of her fans some years back when she announced she had delivered a baby boy in the UK. Very few people were aware she was even pregnant in the first place. Deciding to keep the identity of her baby daddy from the the public, she has received some criticism on having her son out of wedlock. Here's what Grace Amah has to say: Grace Amah - August 2014 - 02 "It is nobody's business. It's my life. I don't know what you call a mistake. Who says I must be married before having a baby? Why is it an issue? And there is no compulsion for me to come to the world and announce who the father of my child is. It is about my life." She explained When asked when she intends settling down, she said "When the time comes, I will surely get married. There are many suitors. I am a beautiful girl. The father of my son is the most qualified." On her absence from the movie world, she said
"I have been abroad. I travelled out to have my baby. I came back a long time ago and when I came back, I had to give my son enough time. It's not all about having a baby, it's about giving that baby your time to grow.'