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Saturday, August 16

From enemies to buddies;50 cent and Lil Wayne squash beef.

Putting the past behind them,rappers, 50 Cent and Lil Wayne seem to have fully put their differences aside. On Wednesday night, Tunechi, along with Drake, brought out Fif at their stop on the Drake Vs. Lil Wayne Tour in Connecticut.
It was an exciting moment,  with Lil Wayne playing frenzied hype man during 50′s performance of "In da Club." We're glad to see it now, but things weren't always this good between the two.
Back in 2007, the Queens rapper had some less-than-kind words for the Young Money rapper. "A whore sleeps with whoever will pay 'em," he said to Hot 97′s Funkmaster Flex. "So we gotta call him a whore. If he'll just go with whoever pay him to be on their records."

Then came the release, later that year, of "Part Time Lover," which had a few lines directed at Wayne. That elicited a response in 2008 from President Carter on "Louisianimal." From there, a few more lines and subliminals trickled out — with 50 coming back, daring Wayne to respond, and Wayne doing just that — but things never quite escalated to the level of, say, 50′s beefs with Ja Rule, Rick Ross or Fat Joe.
Still, tensions ran high for quite some time.
Then, in 2012, both MCs (along with Justin Bieber), escorted Floyd Mayweather before a fight. So it seemed like things were cool back then.
But that seemed more like a same place, same time thanks to a mutual friend kind of thing. Sharing the stage last night came off as something even better.