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Saturday, August 16

Ciara calls off engagement with Future because of Rihanna


   Recently,it was reported that Ciara called off her engagement with Future because rapper was cheating on her with an alleged mistress.
The rapper was allegedly messing around with Rihanna while Ciara was at home taking care of their newborn son.

Rihanna had been working with Future all summer on some songs for her forthcoming album. It was during this time that the rumor mill went abuzz about Rihanna and Future having more than just a business working relationship.

Ciara confirmed her suspicions and immediately called off the engagement.Allegedly, Rihanna and Future were spotted partying together over the summer.

According to the rumors,Future promised that he would just make music and then come back home to be with Ciara and their baby but he was out partying with Rihanna.

   Reportedly, Ciara and her friends "hate" Rihanna and her fiance was well-aware of the supposed feud.

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