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Wednesday, August 20

Can Chris Brown get Rihanna whenever he wants?

   According to a close source to Chris Brown,the singer is not worried that his ex girlfriend, Rihanna was partying with Drake on August 18 in New York. Instead he's ready to allow them 'be happy' if that's what they both really want.

However, the 'Loyal' crooner feels Rihanna will be his girl again because he thinks "he could have Rihanna if he wanted to which isn't a far fetched claim considering the number of times they have 'made up and broke up'.

Breezy is not mad that Drake was hanging out with his ex - after portraying her as the devil recently. Chris isn't concerned about Drake being with his ex. He really thinks everyone deserves to be happy and if Drake is trying to be content with that, more power to him."

Well, its likely Chris doesn't feel any competition with Drake instead,its none of Chris business and he doesn't feel jealous. For starters, he could have Rihanna if he wanted her.The nerve..

Well, a lot of people are guessing the 'reunion' of both exes is a result of Chris Brown getting back with his on-and-off- girlfriend Karrueche Tran.Well,I can only wish they all remained loyal longer than the fans expect this time.