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Sunday, August 31

American rapper,Kid Cudi collapses during concert

American hip hop star,Kid Cudi was signing an autograph for a fan during his show in Chicago on Saturday night when he collapsed and was carried away by security guards.
   Cudi was performing at the North Coast Music Festival and the video shows him clearly covered in sweat. He seemed okay at one point until he was spotted outstretched on the floor.
   The rapper is in good health, though as fans have been informed after the show, via tweets by the artiste.
  In his own words:, "Mad love to the security who were there and helped me out tonight. Really awesome dudes! Thanx for nursing me back to health ha ... Ill do a better and make sure to eat properly on show days :) scouts honor! ... If I scared anyone tonight I am so so sorry from the bottom of my heart."
Thank goodness