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Sunday, June 17

Russell Simmons Ends Chris Brown & Drake Beef,NYPD Closes Nightclub

L-R - chris brown, Russel Simmons, Drake
      Hip-Hop Mogul Russell Simmons has ended the beef between chris brown and drake as posted on his website, . Russell says he talked to both parties involved and they have agreed not to continue . 
"I have spoken to both Chris Brown and Drake's camp in the past few days, fearing that the situation from the other night might escalate. I never asked what happened or who started it, that's not my business. Both camps have told me that they have no interest in taking this any further. So, for those who are looking for the next Biggie/Tupac beef, there is nothing here to see and definitely nothing for anyone to try to get involved in from the outside.   Many young people are watching Drake and Chris very closely right now, and it is in their power to send the right message. I have extraordinary respect for the artistry of both of these young men. Let's keep encouraging them to keep create good music that uplifts the world"- Russell Simmons
    Chris Brown and Drake had earlier been involved in a fight at W.I.P Nightclub in Newyork on thursday June 14 that left several people injured. Meanwhile ,the NYPD has closed the nightclub saturday night by padlocking the main door and putting closed stickers on the entrances.