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Tuesday, June 19

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Dethrones Tiger Wood As Highest-Paid Athlete With $85M

Floyd mayweather
   Boxing champ.Floyd Mayweather Jr. has ended Tiger woods ten year reign as the highest earning athlete on forbes list. 
    Floyd Mayweather Jr. “Money fought twice during the past 12 months, knocking out Victor Ortiz in September and winning an unanimous decision in May against Miguel Cotto. 
   Floyd's combined payday for the bouts :$85 million makes him the highest-Paid athletes unseating Tiger wood who has been the Top earner since 2001.
  Floyd's rival  Boxer Manny Pacquiao ranks second with earnings of $62 million within the last 12 months
   Tiger Woods’ total earnings dropped $16 million from last year to $59.4 million making him the third highest-paid athlete.
  Miami Heat's basketballer Lebron james ranks fourth with $53M.
   The figures  include salaries, bonuses, prize money, appearance fees, as well as licensing and endorsement income for the 12 months between June 2011 and June 2012 .

Top Ten Highest -Paid Athletes
1.Floyd Mayweather- $85M
2.Manny Pacquiao-$62M
3.Tiger wood-$59.4M
4.Lebron james-$53 M
5.Roger Federer-$52.7M
6.Kobe Bryant -$52.3M
7.Phil Mikelson-$47.8M
8.David Beckam -$46 M
9.Christian Ronaldo-$42.5M
10.Peyton Manning -$42.4M