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Friday, June 1

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Begins 90 Day-Jail For Beating Up Baby Mama

     Boxing champion ,Floyd mayweather Jr.  surrendered in a courtroom Friday to begin a three-month jail sentence for attacking his ex-girlfriend in September 2010 while two of their children watched.
    Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Melissa Saragosa credited the undefeated five-division champion with attending weekly domestic violence counselling sessions  including one the day of the May 5 fight she allowed him to make  and with beginning to meet community service requirements she imposed in December.

Floyd being handcuffed and taken to his cell
    The judge sentenced Mayweather on Dec. 22, then later allowed him to remain free long enough to make the Cinco de Mayo weekend fight against Miguel cotto  which fetched him $32 million.
    Mayweather probably will serve most of his time away from other prisoners in a small solo cell in the high-rise Clark County Detention Center.
 He is expected to be released in August.