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Thursday, June 14

Chris Brown's Face Slashed After A Fight With Drake In A Nightclub

     R& B singer Chris Brown was hospitalised after reportedly having his face slashed open during a fight with YMCMB rapper Drake.
  The singer was hit in the face with a bottle multiple times when the pair came to blows in New York club WIP last night, apparently following an argument sparked by Rihanna, who has dated both men.
  Reports claim the fight broke out when Brown sent a bottle of champagne to Drake's table, which MediaTakeOut say was quickly sent back with a message boasting about Drizzy having slept with Brown's ex.
  Brown immediately confronted the rapper and reportedly got punched in the face before being repeatedly hit in with a bottle, opening a two-inch gash on his chin. 
     Drake immediately left the club  while chris  ended up hospitalised and needed stitches.
Five people were injured and NYPD made no arrest  according to TMZ .
   Chris posted the photo of his slashed jaw on twitter 

He tweeted :"N*ggas throwing bottles! Y'all n*ggaz weak!" "Bottles? It's nothing," "N*ggas is pussy! How u party wit a rich nigga that hate? Lol.... Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!
  He later deleted the photo and tweets . This is not the first time both music stars have collided .

An eyewitness told Hot 97 fm that Drake and meek mill  started the fight by attacking chris brown

"Drake.  starts talking to the security guard, going crazy talking wildness. Nothing, just amping it up," "All of a sudden, security starts talking, talking, Chris starts talking, cause he started popping at Chris' man. All of a sudden bottles flying, people got hit in the head. Security guard got hit in the head, knocked out. Wild stuff"the witness said.

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  1. they are both cowards fighting over a lady , mofos

  2. You should have sent that money to Africa

  3. Big baffoons still confused.

  4. Sounds immature of drake

  5. Bitch ass Niggaz

  6. Na so Rihanna toto sweet reach?! Oga o

  7. Drake is a pussy and meekmill is an animal cos chris brown neva meant bad when he sent the drinks to em niggas.. They cudnt even fight well

  8. Gonex Double A geeJune 14, 2012 at 8:24 AM

    Chrisbrown is a bloody wanker....who askd d mofuckr 4 a champagne? Did drake look thirsty 2 him or said he couldnt buy his own drinks? U dnt buy a nigga drinks @ a Nyt club except u a gay mofckr

  9. No pussy is ever worth a guy's drama in retrospect. But @ d spur of d moment, guy can think like dicks. Pity!

  10. The two of them need to grow up. If it really was about Rihanna, they should stop wasting their them. They are both too talented for this shit. Fix up breezy, ur tooo cool for that.

  11. Drake is a cow and baffon. Never liked him.

  12. Seriously, he asked 4 it. Can't people just mind their own biz. After a day's work, u wanna mess wit a guy. Stupid!! Mehn.

  13. Na wao! wetin rihanna put inside dat her toto.wey make drizzy com dey boast sey he don fuck riri.
    Dem niggaz shld breezin up lyk matured men.
    Drizzy shld'v accepted d big deal abt it jus a compliment.

  14. Wat a shame!!! Both are eocentric nd babies...reli dsappointed I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ Drizzy who I had tot was a calm guy.

  15. See y'all niggaz.Wats d damn biz of breezy buyin drinks 4 drizzy.Drizzy shldnt hv gvn a fuck no mata wat,but i tink chris must hv stepd on his toes..C'mon guys,ure too big 4 dis shit #teambreezy n #teamdrizzy r ma fellaz