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Tuesday, June 26

Chris Brown and Drake Offered $1M Each to Fight In Boxing Ring

Chris brown(L) ,drake(R)

      Chris Brown and Drake have been offered $1 million each to continue their feud in the boxing ring .
    Celebrity Boxing promoter Damon Feldman revealed billionaire Alki David has offered to pay out the huge sums and give another $1 million to charity if they take part in a public fight. 
     He told the New York Daily News newspaper: "Obviously they have a grudge. It's just three one-minute rounds. No one will get seriously hurt." He said the pay-per-view event could be in Las Vegas or Los Angeles with a target date of Aug. 25. Feldman said he’d like Rihanna to participate in the proposed punch-fest.
     A Chris Brown representative replied that the singer's camp has “never heard” of the offer. The music stars have been at war over Rihanna, who had a fling with Drake after splitting up with Chris when he assaulted her three years ago. 
    The singers have been linked to a police investigation since their alleged feud left at least eight people injured following the melee inside Manhattan’s W.i.P. nightclub June 14.


  1. Like seriously??

  2. two clowns, it will be fun to watch

  3. I can't wait for this, its really gonna be fun.

  4. Guess fame also gets u in d ring