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Monday, June 18

BigBrother Stargame:DKB Releases Apology Song For Zainab and Africa

DKB and Zainab in Big Brother House

        Ghana's DKB has released an apology song for zainab , the seirra leonian representative he slapped on june 4,2012 after accusing her of peeping at him while he was taking his shower
          DKB and zainab were disqualified  on the basis of what Big Brothers described as violence that contravened the rules of the game. DKB's action received worldwide condemnation from many who saw it as demeaning, unethical and insult to the fight against violence against women.
     He issued a written apology to africa few days after the incident , now he has released a new song titled apology.
   Apology  features female artist Shee_Rap and  it also touches on the need to fight violence against women which has been the central theme of the incident.
Click here to listen and download if you want .