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Monday, June 4

BigBrother-StarGame- DKB and Zainab Disqualified,Sent Packing

Roki Holds DKB as he slaps Zainab 
   Ghana's DKB and sierra leone's Zainab have been disqualified from StarGame for contravening the violence rule. When Big Brother made the announcement, DKB was in the Diary Room while Zainab was curled in the Glass House 
     BigBrother told DKB after reviewing the footage “DKB , you have been disqualified from the game for contravening the violence rule. You must pack your bags immediately, and take them to Storeroom"
  To Zainab, Big Brother said; “having reviewed the footage very carefully, Big Brother can come to no other conclusion than that your provocation of DKB contributed substantively to the incident. For this reason, Big Brother has concluded that you have also been disqualified.
DKB about to slap zainab
  The violence rule states that any Housemate who becomes physically violent will be removed from the house immediately.
    This means that Sierra Leone is officially out of the game while Ghana is now dependent on Keitta.

Watch how DKB slapped zainab below


  1. Everyone has his/her limit of tolerance .I am not justifing DKB's actions but I think Zainab went too far with daring him,He already looked angry and she should respect someones privacy

  2. That Zainab sef, she doesn't ve manners. Even if it is a game, there is a limit to dat. Watching people bath without permission is out of it. She should ‎​G̲̣̣̣̥☺ home to her country joor. Ill mannered human being