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Monday, June 4

BigBrother-StarGame:DKB Slaps Zainab,Faces Eviction

Roki holds DKB after slapping  Zainab 
     A scuffle has broken out between ghana's DKB and seirra leon's Zainab for the second time and today it turned out to be violent as DKB slapped Zainab in the face!
   DKB in his pants charged at Zainab who was seated in the kitchen with Goldie, Lady May, Prezzo and Roki accusing her of interfering with his privacy.
   DKB alleged that Zainab peeped at him while he was getting ready to shower. At first, Zainab thought it was a joke and so did the other housemates, however, DKB was determined and tempers were already high.
  “Never do that again, next time i will slap you,” fumed DKB. Meanwhile, Zainab was not ready to take DKB’s warnings as she provoked him to go ahead and slap her, DKB raised his left arm at her and slapped her in the face.
   Prezzo and Roki tried to calm the situation down, however it was hard to calm down either DKB or the already sobbing Zainab.
  However, they managed to separate the two and shortly Big Brother summoned DKB to the Diary Room.
   Biggie assured housemates that he saw everything and that he was going to get to the bottom of the matter.However, Zainab was whisked off to the garden where she was consoled without much success.
   Other housemates were not happy with DKB’s reaction and Maneta was over heard saying that if Biggie does not do anything about the matter, they would do ‘something’ about it.
       DKB seems to have broken Big Brother rules, housemates are not allowed to get physical with fellow housemates, he may therefore face Big brother’s wrath!
   Both DKB and Zainab were nominated for eviction at the upville before the scuffle.
  Currently a decision is being made on whether either or both of them will be sent home and an official press release will be issued.


  1. this DKB is a coward,fighting a lady like this,go home , nonsense

  2. DKB is nothing but a tout dat has lost his sense. Big 4 nothing fool.

  3. Kai dkb u no get sense ni? Hommmee jo! Imagine u wan show ur sef rubbish! Bullshit

  4. This big brother sucks big time WTF who are we to watch

  5. Dkb is a big fool...wid no respect 4 women...I never liked him...I hate him wid a passion ...big brother u better send dat dinasour home b4 I sue him rubbish ....dkb is a disgrace 2 manhood

  6. I thnk dkb wz sppsd to leave the lady alone even if she was wrng he blu t

  7. Big brother is really going to be boring now,I truely don't ve any reason to subscrbe for it anymore,will be watching highlights on 114 now mewchsssss, Ghanians are becoming badly to almost everybody now, imagine dkb nominating Goldie!

  8. Dkb is a disgrace 2 his country