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Sunday, May 13

Third Man Accuses John Travolta Of Sexual Misconduct,Lawyer Debunks Claim

       John Travolta's lawyer on Friday hit back at "ridiculous" new claims of sexual advances leveled at the actor by a third man, as a first accuser backtracked on the date of an alleged Beverly Hills incident.
      Cruise ship worker Fabian Zanzi claimed on a Chilean TV show, "Primer Plano," that the Hollywood star offered him $12,000 to have sex while on a cruise in 2009."He said that he had something on his neck. I thought it was lint.When he got close to me, he took off his white robe and he was naked," "He hugged me and asked me to give him a massage."Zanzi explained .
     It was unclear whether Zanzi had filed a legal action against Travolta, who is already the subject of a sexual assault lawsuit by two unidentified masseurs in Los Angeles. 
      "This is just another ridiculous claim by someone hopping on the bandwagon to get his 15 minutes of fame with a story about something that supposedly happened over three years ago," Travolta's lawyer Martin Singer said in a statement on Friday. "At that time Zanzi's supervisors did not believe him, confined him to his cabin and subsequently fired him, according to media reports. 
      "Significantly, we never heard of this guy before. The fact that we are only hearing about him now through tabloid gossip stories three years later speaks volumes," Singer added.  
      Meanwhile, the masseur known as John Doe No. 1 who filed the first sexual assault lawsuit against Travolta last week was reported on Friday to have admitted that he got the date wrong of his alleged, unwanted encounter with the actor at the Beverly Hills Hotel. 
       Travolta's lawyers have insisted that the two-time Oscar nominee, who has been married for 20 years to actress Kelly Preston, was in New York City on the day of the alleged incident in California. A restaurant receipt and photos have appeared on celebrity websites to bolster their claims.
         The lawyer for John Doe No. 1 on Friday, told Reuters  that he no longer represented the masseur. A second masseur, also unidentified, joined the $2 million lawsuit this week, claiming Travolta had touched his genitals and approached him for sex at an Atlanta hotel on January 28. Travolta's lawyer  has called all the claims absurd, ridiculous and fictional.


  1. Its a shame d limit people go for fame and fortune.I mean mr travolta has kept us entertained for so many years,and this is what we want to fare him well with,scam allegations.

  2. f--k those accusers and masseurs,they doing this cos of money

  3. For fucking sake d guy has been married for 20yrs,why is it now any news on him is cooming out,those guys should be taken to madison square for some serious whipping