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Thursday, May 31

P Square Signed To Universal Music Group

P Square signing documents 

 Nigerian Pop duo P square has been signed to Universal Music Group . Peter announced the signing through his twitter account..
  "P Square has been signed to UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP...Baba God has done it",he tweeted. 
   The full details of the deal have not been  disclosed but prior to this, P Square was signed to Akon's Konvict Music.They will be releasing past and future projects under Konvict/ Universal .
   Universal Music Group is the largest record company by its leading market share and its multitude of global operations ,It is  a wholly owned subsidiary of French media conglomerate, Vivendi.

Press conference


  1. congrats to the boys,

  2. i knew that this would happen,....when d'banj featured snoop dog and signed with kanye west.......on this same blog and i predicted that p-square would respond to this.........

    p-square are more positioned than any other artist africa has ever know,....they are the biggest and most sophisticated artist in africa......

    they may never win the grammy because of their genre of music.....but for the fact that they have twice the fans of any other artist in africa...they own african music.......

    i have a lot of respect for d'banj but i believe that p-square are more strategic and stronger...

  3. This goes to show that Nigeria artists have upped their game. Kudos 2 P2.

  4. Goooooooooooo boyz it your time to shine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!