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Thursday, May 3

Lady Gaga Breaks Up with ‘Vampire Diaries’ Star Boyfriend Taylor Kinney

Lady gaga , Taylor Kinney

    Pop Star lady gaga has split with her boyfriend of ten months ‘Vampire Diaries’ Star Boyfriend Taylor Kinney.The chart topping singer called it quits with her boyfriend as she wants to concentrate more on her concert. 
    According to reports by US Weekly, a source spilled that since Lady Gaga will be touring up until next year, it wouldn't be ideal for her to be in a relationship.
    "She will be touring nonstop until next year and has found she can't have relationship at the same time," the source said.  "There's just no room for anything else. Her work is all-consuming." "Taylor was all about himself, a typical actor, and didn't completely get Gaga," says a friend. "She loved that she got this guy who everyone thought was hot! But it was never going to last."the source said.