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Saturday, May 19

Lady Gaga Arrives Philipines,Protesters Plan Vigil Near Concert Venue

Lady gaga arrives phillipines

     Pop singer Lady Gaga arrived in the Philippines on Saturday to cheers from fans and protests from young Christians calling for the cancellation of her upcoming concerts. 
    About 200 Christian young people marched in Manila for a second straight day, holding placards urging the singer to "respect our faith, stop the blasphemy."
    The Biblemode Youth Philippines members plan to hold a vigil starting Sunday near the concert venue.
    They said they are offended by Lady Gaga's music, particularly her song "Judas," which they said mocks Jesus Christ. But throngs of shrieking, camera-toting fans mobbed her, seeking her autograph as she walked into her hotel surrounded by bodyguards.
     She arrived in Manila late Saturday on a private jet. Authorities in the conservative, majority Roman Catholic country approved the concerts, set for Monday and Tuesday, but said they won't allow nudity or lewd acts. 
Protesters against lady gaga concert

    Sold-out crowds and angry protests have followed Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" Asian tour. Fans younger than 18 were banned from concerts in South Korea over complaints her lyrics and costumes were too provocative, and she was denied a concert permit in Indonesia by police under pressure from Islamic protesters.

Impersonators of lady gaga at her hotel 


  1. Laddy gaga must told frontally to stop the blasphemy of JESUS or else it will certain lead to her doomsday.

  2. I think she is an agent of dark new order.