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Thursday, May 17

"Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Aren’t Serious"-Kris Jenner

Kris jenner on Today Show

   Despite reports claiming that Kim kardashian and Kanye west are having a very serious relationship ,momager Kris jenner has denied . 
    Kris Jenner talked about Kim and kanye on Today show and it sounds like their relationship isn’t as serious as we may think! 
     “You know what, I think that Kim is just hanging out with friends and nothing crazy is going on,” she said . “They’re [Kim and Kanye] are just having a good time.” 
    When host Matt Lauer asked the mother-of-six 'what she thought of Kimye?', she said: 'We've know him for years, he's a really great guy.' 
     Kris jenner also said Kim Kardashian still feels bad about her failed marriage to NBA star , Kris Humphries. “First and foremost, she didn’t want to disappoint anybody. She feels horrible about what happened. you know She’s still going and struggling through that whole process. You know, that will be finalized sooner or later,”.