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Sunday, May 20

Jackie Chan Announces Retirement From Action Films

Jackie chan at cannes film festival in france

       Hong Kong-born Chinese stuntman and actor  Jackie Chan is landing his last punch as an action star, but says he is stepping into retirement having made one of the most important films of his career.
     The Hong Kong actor told the AP on Friday that his latest film "Chinese Zodiac" will be his last action movie. Chan, launching the movie at the Cannes Film Festival with co-stars Kwone Sang Woo, Yao Xingtong and Liao Fan, said that people don't believe him when he says he is going to retire. 
    "They say 'no, you're still young, you can still do it,' but I have to stop one day." The 58-year-old says he is bowing out with "Chinese Zodiac" in which he plays a fortune hunter, travelling the world trying to track down missing astrological antiques because it is one of the "most important" films in his career.
    Chan says he spent seven years working on the movie writing, producing, directing and coordinating fight scenes Chan says "Chinese Zodiac," and the many films before it, have taken their toll on his body. "It hurts, it really hurts," he says, flinching. "The shoulder, the ankle, it really hurts. You don't know because I still look healthy."