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Wednesday, May 23

It's the Femcees Takeover as Muna and Eva Step Into BET's Spotlight

    Female rappers Muna and Eva are  featuring on this week's BET Spotlight tagged Femcees takeover .BET spotlight is a new half hour series by BET International that invites some of the brightest stars to step into BET spotlight where they share their lives through words and music.The program will air on friday May 25,2012  at 8:30 PM GMT,
   The past episodes have featured iceprince,M.I,wizkid,P Square,Modenine ,saucekid and many others.


  1. Our music industry is going higher.

  2. Its about time yeaa!the industry iz doin gud,gettin recognition from BET speaks volumes, bigups 2ma gurlzz Muna N Eva