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Sunday, May 20 turns 3,the entertainment website that celebrate celebrities is three years old . This site was founded in May 2009 . It has been a tough but worthwhile journey with you fans and readers. 
   Throughout the three years , has published many breaking news, exclusive entertainment news :all confirmed stories.
  Thanks to all the loyal readers ,fans on social networking sites,fellow bloggers for your love and support so far ,But it's sad to let you know,though sounds unbelievable that this might be the last year will exist.The reasons will be kept private for now. 
  We searched our web archive and  here we bring you what looked like in the past.

2009 -February 2010
March 2010





If you have been a loyal reader,you can congratulate us through your comments below,thank you.
   'It wasn't easy , but it was worth it'.
Victoria Adekojo


  1. congrats celebregion,3 years no be beans but dont close down as the post suggest oo

  2. Congratulations Dear ... U a ve been a great source of Informations for me n ma friends !!!! U ve come dis far in so little time , Y stop wen u still ve pretty much to achieve , jst my take !! U are doin a wonderful job here . Wishing u all d best in ur endevours .. kip up d gud work!! Wit d way n manners u've manage dis blog shows u can Succeed any field u oupt for .. Happy Anniversary CelebRegion will miss You

  3. Congrats. I ​A̶̲̥̅♏ really entertained by Ūя̲̅ info's. Please D̶̲̥̅̊Ö̤̇ keep ȋ̝̊τ̲̅ up.

  4. I do not want to exergerate, but I can boldly and confidently say that u guys are far way ahead of the rest..........many people may not be aware of ur site but celeb region remains the best........i visit other nija big sites and I know what I am saying....