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Tuesday, May 15

Cameroonian Artists Go Against P Square's MTN Concert Due to Low Performance Fees

P Square's cameroon concert flyer

      Cameroon Union of Musicians led by romeo dika has revealed  its intention to stop  a concert being organized by MTN on May 18 which will be headlined by Nigeria's P Square at Younde.
    In a  document obtained by ,there will be a massive protest on May 18 due to low performance fees being paid to cameroonian artists by MTN  .The union claims MTN is not being fair to them by paying huge amount to  foreign artists to perform in cameroon.
    "The sycamu has put in place administrative mechanisms to prevent any concert organized by MTN in Cameroon, to force them to pay the fee on downloads",part of the statement obtained by celebregion reads

The document signed by president of cameroon musicians

The first paragraph of the document above which was written in french ,translated to English reads: 
    " In the application of the provisions relating to copyright rights related to copyright
With the determinations patriotic to defend our rights and the flight of capital, the Executive of the Cameroon Union Office of  Musicians called its members, allies and supporters to mobilize, on May 18, 2012 at younde against the Organization of the music concert which the MTN company is the Organizer".
It is not yet clear whether the concert will be cancelled by MTN or not

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  1. LMAO, they re jealous of our big boys