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Monday, April 9

Report:Kanye West To Appear on Keeping Up With The Kardashians

    Rapper Kanye west has been reported to appear on the Upcoming season of  Kim kardashian's reality show Keeping up with kardashian .
   Radaronline reports  kanye who has appeared on the show before told kim he would love to appear  again.  
   "Kanye is head over heels in love with Kim, and he has told her he would love to appear on the reality show if she wants him to. Kim is a bit leery of having her man appear on camera because of the whole fiasco with her soon-to-be-ex-husband, Kris Humphries, but watch for Kanye to make several appearances on the show towards the end of the season. Viewers won't see him featured in the first part of the season, and it won't be all about Kanye," the show insider tells .
    "Kim feels extremely comfortable with Kanye because she feels that for the first time she is with a partner that understands what she does for a living and doesn't scrutinize her for being in a reality show....She also doesn't feel like Kanye is using her, like she did with Kris," the source says.

    Kanye and kim last week took their romance public after kanye released a song theraflu in which he professed his love for her.


  1. two attention seekers,lol

  2. Ppppppsssstttteeeewwwwwww.we all know how it'll end *yawns*

  3. Kanye West every one in the industry wants to f**k wit your ex, hope Kim would not be next?

  4. Kim n kanye,pls stop makin me laugh... Anyway, it'll boost up kanye's profile for having been able 2 date many celebrities... Take it or leave it, kanye is d baddest boy of the new york city rite now.... Infact, he has relegated pharrel, Ray j and the others. Kanye after what u did with Amber