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Saturday, April 21

AMA Awards Rep. Issues Statement on Morris chesnut Rejecting Eko Hotels

Morris chesnut

    As we posted earlier ,a report is going round that Morris chesnut and other hollywood stars that have come for AMA Awards refused to stay at the eko just received a statement from AMAA media manager about the incident and it has been clarified that only morris chesnut refused to stay at the Eko hotels. read below.

  The author of this story is obviously peddling falsehood as truth. It must be stressed that taking advantage of new media to publish lies and half-truth is a greatest disservice to ones country and conscience. It is not true that Hollywood stars rejected Eko Hotel. It was only Morris Chesnut and other Hollywood stars attending the AMAA awards in Lagos refused to stay in Eko Hotel. In fact, all other Hollywood stars rockmond dunbar,lynn whitfield and others are in Eko Hotel and never complaint of anything. Only Morris refused to stay in Eko Hotel even without even seeing his Executive Room. It is also a fact that EKO Hotel is one of the best Hotels in Nigeria and West Africa and the hotel play hosts to serving and former presidents, prime ministers, Royal Fathers, diplomats, top government officials from within and outside Nigeria. The fact that a Hollywood star out of his own estimation of self-importance went to another hotel has not vitiated the fact that Eko Hotel is a five star hotel offering world-class services to its teeming global and national customers- private organisations, and individuals. This story is in bad taste and deliberate attempt to embarrass the management of Eko Hotel and organisers of AMAA awards. All the Hollywood stars including Morris will be at a press conference by 4pm today at Eko Hotel to address this issue and clear the air.

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  1. But this is funny, eko hotel that some people take as their paradise,

  2. hahaha. thats a big embarasment to Nigeria.

  3. Dis same hotel dat most people c 2b a comfort zone has suddenly turn into a discomfort zone. Haha

  4. Radisson blu paid some good money for this cheap publicity stunt.

  5. Yes its true,i saw them at radisson blu,was surprised too

  6. I'm sure he knws what he is doing

  7. So what? He's not all that himself. Let's discuss better things