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Thursday, April 26

Miss Dominican Republic Loses Crown For Being Married

Carlina Duran wears her crown April 17,2012

     Carlina Duran,the woman who was  recently named Miss Dominican Republic has lost her crown due to the discovery that she was married.
    The rules state that those vying for the crown must be single. But Magaly Febles, director of the Miss Domincan Republic contest, said Tuesday it had been discovered that recent winner Carlina Duran was married in 2009.
   Duran said in a statement read at a Wednesday night news conference that she had never lived with her husband.
"In my daily life, I remained like a single woman, without thinking of myself neither materially nor spiritually married," said the statement, read by her lawyer.
The statement also said the marriage was brief, and the couple had begun annulment proceedings. The statement didn't specify whether the annulment was finalized.
   Duran's statement called her decision to hide her marriage from the contest organizers the "fruit of my inexperience."
Febles officially handed the crown to first runner-up, 24-year-old Dulcita Lieggi, at the news conference.
   The 25-year-old Duran was crowned Miss Dominican Republic on April 17,2012 and was to represent her country at the Miss Universe contest.

Carlina Duran, left, and Dulcita Lieggi stand together as they compete in the Miss Dominican Republic beauty pageant on April 17,2012

Dulcita Lieggi being decorated by the director of Miss Universe Dominican Republic