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Thursday, April 26

"I was Never Arrested By SSS in Lagos"-Van Vicker

Van vicker

    Ghallywood-Nollywood actor Van Vicker has refuted rumours going round that he was arrested last weekend by the state security service in Lagos for alleged possession of arms .
  Van narrated the incident to Hitz FM ghana "

I need to really get it clear that I was not arrested,” what i did was to purchase some stage blank gun props from the US which were to be  delivered to me in Nigeria because i was there at that time" .
  He continued , "a few minutes after boarding a flight bound for Ghana with the gun props following due security checks at the airport", he was asked by some officers to come down and identify his bags.

"I was told that there was need for State Security Service (SSS) to approve of the props. My trip was then declined by the senior officers so i had to stay for the declaration on the guns and also a cross-check to establish they were just stage guns".
   He said he was in the offices of the SSS for a long time. “I was with them for a very long time and then eventually we went to the SSS offices in Ikoyi but because it was really late I had to stay with them overnight and the next day processes were made for me to leave and also certify that the guns were just props,” he said.
  "i contacted my wife and uche jombo to let them know what was happening in Ghana and Nigeria"  “I was just in the process of leaving, I was not being kept for a crime or detained by any police, Uche came to the SSS office and we left the premises.
   Van made it known  that he was never arrested or detained at the police station, adding that the process has been completed, he has his stage blank gun props with him and he is back in Ghana to prepare for his next movie shoot and other projects in Malawi.

  Contrary to reports that he could not make it to the AMA awards because of the incident ,he explained he didn't plan to attend the ceremony due to the fact that he was on set of  a movie .

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