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Wednesday, April 11

Fomer HeavyWeight Champion Mike Tyson's Life In Pictures

Mike tyson poses (1988)

   Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is set to make his Las Vegas stage debut on April 13. The one-man show, "Mike Tyson: The Undisputed Truth," is being billed as a "live autobiography". Many top  hollywood celebrities have been confirmed to be in attendance ,  The 45-year-old has lived a truly colorful life,Check out his life in pictures.

Mike Tyson and wife actress robin givens
                                   Donald Trump,mike tyson and wife robin givens in new york(1988)
Mike tyson hugs opponent Micheal spinks in atlantic city(1988)

Mike tyson knocked spinks down in first round
The winner with Don king
Robin givens applauds her husband

                     After defeating carl williams,Mike tyson received  $100,000 from Don king (1989)

                                1990 Miss black america poses with Mike tyson in indianapolis
1991 Black America contestants poses with Mike tyson
Tyson was sentenced to serve six years in prison for rape and deviate conduct
                      Boxing champions Mike tyson and Muhammed ali at ali's tribute in las vegas (1996)

                                Mike tyson wins frank bruno in third round (1996)
                                          Tyson bites evander holyfield's ear in the third round
                                                                             After the bite 
                              Tyson prays with members of Ahmadiyya Movement of Islam(1998)
                                 Tyson arrives District court of maryland for sentencing(1999)
                                        tyson during the press conference of his fight with lennox lewis(2002)

 Lennox lewis knocks tyson during the seventh round (2002)
Tyson and his son Miguel during press conference in mississipi(2003)
                                                       Tyson working out(2005)
Kevin Mcbride knocks tyson down in the sixth round(2005)

Tyson makes a court appearance in Arizona(2007)
Mike tyson and his pigeons (2011)

Tyson hugs bradley cooper at the hangover II premiere in L.A (2011)

Inductees Sylvester Stallone and Mike Tyson during an induction ceremony at the Boxing Hall of Fame in N.Y (2011) 


  1. great collection of old photos of mike you have here ,

  2. What he great man he is