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Sunday, March 18

Video:D'banj- Oliver Twist

   Here is the long awaited oliver twist video by D'banj ,directed by sesan ogunro , cameos by kanye west,Big sean,pusha T and many more. check it out below


  1. D banj is a fool,he thinks he could do it alone right

  2. I wish him success. God dey, let wait and see!

  3. There is more to this issue than meets the public eyes. Remember wande once said to Don jazzy that he is not Dbaanj,find out what led to that before u judge Dbanj,however, is sad to know they aren't together again.

  4. D'banj and kanye west(GOOD LIFE)

  5. The only thng that made the song is the dancers

  6. The video is aiit all I can say is goodluck DAPO

  7. Oliver ur d fool 4 calling d'banj a fool,coz u shd watch nd c wt he is made of instaed of brithen under some one cloth

  8. D'banj i remain ur fathful Boy,Oluwasmile nd remember ur my number 1,my mentor

  9. Adebiyi_olatunbosunMarch 24, 2012 at 4:33 AM

    Olusesi is beyond reasonable doubt a very talented up-coming act.
    sorry iv been using "remix "since I launched dis campaigne. I just
    discovered the word should be "cover" (abeg Davido if your reading no
    vex o, boyz gotta hustle). Olusesi saw that other acts too were doing
    remixes to Davido's smash hit Dami Duro and decided to follow suit
    (grammer lol). Tlong story short sesi's version is so senseful that it
    has over 1k downloads already (barely a week now wow). u can check it
    out by following this link thanks. and if u have any questions call
    sesi's direct line +234-810-6800-996

  10. D banj don join illuminati..Dats y he choose to sell his crew!well lets see Wht will b of him.