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Wednesday, March 14

Mo'Hits Officials Deny D'banj Said He Owns Mo'Hits

     March 13, published the excerpts from the interview D'banj had with Ebony Magazine in which he said he owns Mo'hits records and Don jazzy is his artist.
  A Mohits Official said;

   My name is Ricardo and I am an Officer of Mohits.
  This article is taken out of context and I was there during the interview. In no way would Dbanj ever Disrespect his partnership with Don Jazzy by calling him his artist or vice versa , they are partners in an entity. I ask that the writer clarifies his article .
Thank you
   His Media/personal Manager also said:
   Hello"D'banj never had any such statement with Ebony magazine during the interview he did with them. We are in touch with the editor of the magazine on these and a correctional rejoinder will be published soonest..  

 Mohits Records is co-owned by Don Jazzy and D'banj

Thanks, Bankuli"