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Sunday, March 11

Kris Humphries Wants $7M in Kim Kardashian Divorce

   Kris Humphries is shooting for a $7 million payout from Kim Kardashian and is threatening to turn their divorce proceedings into an ugly, public trial if he does not receive the money, TMZ reported Saturday, citing sources close to the NBA player.
    The alleged secret ultimatum, made through his Minnesota lawyer, was rejected by Kardashian's team, according to the source.
   TMZ reported Friday that Humphries had submitted legal documents in Los Angeles to appoint himself as his own lawyer in the case after learning that local rules prevented his Minnesota lawyer from representing him.
   California law stipulates that out-of-state lawyers must be accompanied by a local attorney.
  It was also reported by New York post that  Humphries had hired Los Angeles-based attorney Marshall Waller to represent him in the case.
   The New Jersey Nets power forward looked set to face one of Hollywood's top divorce lawyers in court, Laura Wasser, who has represented Angelina Jolie, Maria Shriver, Jennifer Aniston and Britney Spears. 
 Humphries is seeking an annulment to the marriage instead of a divorce.