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Thursday, March 29

India Launches First Bollywood 'Walk of Fame'

Kareena kapoor at the event

    India's Bollywood has launched its own Walk of fame. Indian cinema's "Walk of the Stars" was officially opened Wednesday on a seaside promenade in the Bandra district of Mumbai, the country's entertainment capital.
    Mumbai's new pathway will bear handprints and signatures of numerous actors along with a handful of life-size brass statues depicting some of the Indian greats.
   From one of Bollywood's acting dynasties, movie star Kareena Kapoor was the main guest at the launch in a nearby hotel, where she unveiled a statue of her legendary grandfather, the late Raj Kapoor, sitting on a bench.
     The Kapoor family are the first to be honoured on the street "because they're technically the first family of Bollywood," said Nikhil Gandhi, business head of the UTV Stars television channel that has set up the walkway.
    The original Walk of Fame in Hollywood was established in the 1950s and now displays more than 2,000 stars, drawing millions of visitors every year.

Bollywood walk of fame