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Tuesday, March 20

'Harry Potter' Actor Jamie Waylett Jailed For Two Years For Joining riots

Jammie waylett

    A judge has sent a cast member of the "Harry Potter" films to prison for taking part in rioting that flared across England last summer.
  Judge Simon Carr sentenced Jamie Waylett , who played Hogwarts bully  Vincent Crabbe in six of the films, to two years in jail.
  Prosecutors said Waylett was part of a small gang that took part in the riots in north London on Aug. 8.
  A jury at London's Wood Grenn Crown Court found Waylett guilty Tuesday of violent disorder, but acquitted him of another charge of intending to destroy or damage property with a fire bomb he was holding.
  The 22-year-old had already admitted handling a bottle of stolen Champagne from a supermarket during the riots.
   Waylett has a previous conviction for growing marijuana.