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Sunday, March 18

Bobby Brown Wants Bobbi Kristina To Co-star In His Biopic

  Whitney Houston's ex-Husband and R& B singer Bobby brown has written a script about his life and would like his daughter Bobbi Kristina to co-star in the movie.
   The script entitled The Bad Boy of R&B: The Bobby Brown Story written by Bobby Brown and budding filmmaker Michael A. Pinckney  was initially being sent out to potential backers late last year but received very little interest.
   Being that the script was written in 2011, it doesn’t seem like the Bobby Brown camp is trying to capitalize on Whitney’s death ,but after the death of Whitney Houston on February 11, Bobby and his writing partner have had renewed attention to the project.

   The filmmaker said :We [Bobby Brown and I) actually wrote the script back in November and the movie lightly touches on their life & marriage together.  We will now definitely have to go back in and revise the ending of the movie.  This is such a sensitive subject which is why we did not push the fact that we have a script for the Bobby Brown story so soon.  We definitely wanted to give it some time to disseminate just out of respect to the family, friends and fans of Whitney Houston".

The director is currently  seacrhing for who will play Bobby perfectly in the biopic.

Cover Art for the movie
Part of the sypnosis reads :Sex, Drugs, Women and the Original Bad Boy of R&B, a toxic mix. The Bad Boy of R&B is a classic tale of R&B sensation Bobby Brown’s meteoric rise from humble beginnings in Boston to the top of the R&B and Pop charts. His struggle with drugs, alcohol, women and a troubled marriage is a rocky journey and an inspirational one.The film exposes Bobby’s darker side and puts his private demons on public display".