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Monday, February 27

Rihanna,Brandy,Jennifer Hudson Shortlisted To Play Whitney Houston In Biopic

Whitney and Jordin sparks

   American music stars Rihanna,brandy, Jennifer Hudson have  been shortlisted  in the running to play Whitney Houston in a movie tribute to the Late Icon .Whitney’s mentor and record company boss Clive Davis is behind the project to immortalise the 48-year-old superstar on film.
  Sources said: “Clive wants to get the script done and start filming as soon as possible.”
   Others  being considered include actress Vivica Fox, 47, and 22-year-old American Idol singer Jordin Sparks who starred alongside whitney in soon to be released sparkles while Willow Smith ,11,  is being lined up to play the whitney as a child.
    Whitney was said to be aware of the project before her untimely death and brandy had earlier shown intetest in playing her .Brandy  said in an interview My dream role would be to play Whitney Houston. I would love to play Ms Whitney. I have her ­personality down pat, “Like, no offence, ladies – it’s a lot of talented ­ladies there – but nobody can play Whitney like me.
Jennifer Hudson also paid tribute to whitney at this year's Grammy Awards.