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Monday, February 13

P.Diddy Hospitalized for Massive Headache After Grammys Party

   Hip-hop Mogul ,Sean P.Diddy combs was hospitalized yesterday for Massive headache.P.Diddy hosted a post-grammy party at playboy mansion and after the party,he went home and got a massive headache.
  The 42-year old was transported to UCLA emergency room early Monday after members of his entourage became concerned about his well being.

Diddy tweeted during the playboy mansion party;
  "This is actually one of the hottest parties i 've ever thrown!!Right now at the playboy Mansion!!!Let's gooooooo!!!!!"

He has thanked his fans ;
   Thanks for all the twitter love! I'm fine. I just had the craziest Migraine. I'm just sleeping it off now. Thank you. Love yall.

     He denied his hospitalization was in any way related to the party.The renowned mogul is now  recovering at home.