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Friday, February 17

Forest Whitaker to Play Archbishop Desmond Tutu In "The Archbishop And The Antichrist"

   Hollywood actor Forest Whitaker has signed on to play  Archbishop Desmond Tutu in a project by English-French film director Roland Joffe, titled The Archbishop And The Antichrist .
    The Academy Award-winning actor will play the Archbishop  during his time with the Truth and Reconciliation hearings, which were established after the end of apartheid.
   The film will be based on the play by Michael Ashton, and center on the Truth and Reconciliation Hearings - a post-apartheid commissioning in which victims took an active role in the judicial process (called on to give accounts of the gross human rights violations they were subjected to), while offenders were encouraged to take responsibility for their actions, "to repair the harm they caused.
  The film will be produced through Joffe’s company Lightmotive, with Joffe adapting the play for film himself.