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Friday, January 27

      We all have fallen in love with the romantic style of dancing Salsa that it has almost become a norm at wedding ceremonies to the beauty of the flexed or pointed toe of dancing ballet that it has become a part of the curriculum in our nursery schools.

In Nigeria, we have created our own modern dance styles like the alanta,milano,open and close of Shina peter's fame, even the nodding of our heads is regarded as a dance style.

     I was priviledged to attend a ceremony in the south eastern part of nigeria, Enugu to be precise and there i experienced true beauty in dancing.

From the melodious beat coming out of the ogene(local gong) to the beautiful tune seeping out of the opia (local flute) which made the ladies wiggle their waist like they had no bones.

     The ladies attire was beautiful exposing their midsection and even that wasn't spared in the movement, the men's attire exposed their slim muscular chests clad in drops of sweat.

The buttocks of the ladies swayed from left to right as if it had no definite direction

The vibration of the men's chest could cause an explosion in a girl's thoughts

The acrobatic movements of the dancers could tire out even the strongest trainer

     Their agility & Stamina was captivating, then it dawned on me to ask the true meaning of atilogwu and i discovered it meant '' has magic been put into it''?

To me that was true beauty expressed

Your Thoughts below!!!

Homto Dokpesi


  1. Very nice article!!! Interesting read

  2. Nice Article,Keep it Coming....

  3. Good job, Viv. Quite an articulate piece. Keep it coming

  4. Nice piece of work. Keep writing the sky is ur stepping stone

  5. It is wonderful keep it going yhu ar really heading for d top sis

  6. Nice piece girl!!

  7. this is tyt,so unpoint,i love dis part ''the men's attire exposed their slim muscular chests clad in drops of sweat''

  8. We will get there we are just copy cats,we will retrace our steps gradually!!!ride on girl keep opening our eyes to our own troubles!