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Monday, January 9

Snoop Dogg Arrested for Marijuana in Texas

    Rapper Snoop Dogg  is facing a minor drug charge in Texas after border agents say they found several joints on his tour bus.
   Hudspeth country sheriff's office said in a statement that Snoop Dogg, whose name is Calvin Broadus was arrested Saturday at the Sierra Blanca highway checkpoint and cited for possession of  grug paraphernalia a misdemeanor typical in cases involving small amounts of marijuana.
    According to the sheriff's office, a border agent smelled marijuana smoke coming from the bus and ordered everyone off so that a dog could inspect the vehicle. A prescription bottle with several marijuana cigarettes was found in a trashcan, and more marijuana was found in two other containers. In all, 0.13 pounds of the drug were found.
Snoop dogg admitted the drug was his and was released.