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Thursday, January 5

Removal of Fuel Subsidy is the Right Move at the Wrong time - Genevieve Nnaji

    Nollywood star actress,Genevieve Nnaji has shared her opinion too on the removal of fuel subsidy ,trust to capture what the celebs are saying.
    Genevieve said :I still can't help but feels its d right move at d wrong time.Thr's too much tension and unease.
    she continued ,i could see the point but i don't think a proper explanation was given to the public.
Read all her tweets below

    Genevieve was one of the stars that campaigned for president goodluck last year during the election.
Do you think she was right ,Share your thoughts below!!!!
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  1. That is the problem when we celebrate illiterates like this. She dropped out of school with a pregnancy in her teenage years but due to her looks still got somewhere in life. She has somethings in common with Jonathan, people who have gotten to positions in life that they do not deserve by hardwork. She is an imbecile!

  2. This girl does not know what she is talking about, illiteracy is a disease