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Friday, January 6

Music;Kaka Igbokwe - Yanga + Tamo ft Md Flow

     Born in Lagos, this Nigeria based entertainer is bringing a brand new flow into the game of hip hop. This Rapper/Producer/Designer/Songwriter right from his days in the cradle with his diapers on had been no stranger to entertainment. the second of four boys, Born to Chief Mr Edwin.C.Igbokwe and Chief (Dr) Mrs Christy.E.Igbokwe(mfr) the iconize Nigerian Lady Of Songs and a star actress in the classic Nigerian comedy Soap “New Masquerade”, and of course the first female PMAN(Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria) President , it was rather an inheritance than a calling that he eventually embraced the game. The Name Kaka is a native name from Akw Ibom state meaning Grandmother.Christy Essien’s Grandmother was a great woman in Akwa Ibom so it was only right she was remembered and thus the name was passed on to Kaka cos she believed from birth he was destined for great things.Kaka has  produced songs for Nigerian acts like Wierd Mc, Chuddy K, Oni, Spaceman, Dj Yo’dee, Myme, Fragrance, Fresh, Spydaman, Mdflow, L.O.S, Durella, Md Flow New singing sensation Nemi Boyo, B-Elect of the thorough breeds, Teeto, and of course Christy Essien Igbokwe.
Check out yanga and Tamo below



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