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Sunday, January 8

'The Devil Inside' Tops Box Office With $34.5M

   The fright flick "The Devil Inside" scared up a monstrous $34.5 million opening weekend  to help Hollywood exorcise its recent box-office demons.
     The surprise hit from Paramount pictures debuted well above industry expectations as horror fans crowded theaters for the low-budget tale about exorcists trying to free a woman possessed by evil spirits.
Last week box chart topper Mission Impossible has been moved to second position with $20.5million and sherlock holmes at third position with $14.1M

TopTen Movies
1.The Devil inside - $34.5M
2.Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol -$20.5M
3.Sherlock Holmes -$14.1M
4.The girl with the dragon tatoo -$11.3M
5.Alvin and the chipmunk -$9.5M
6.War Horse -$8.6M
7.We bought a zoo-$8.45M
8.TheAdventures of a Tintin -$6M
9.New Year's Eve -$3.63M
10.The Darkest Hour -$3.14M