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Friday, January 27

Chiwetel Ejiofor,Thandie Newton For Screen Adaption of Chimamanda adichie's Novel 'Half of a yellow sun'

      Nigerian novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's novel 'Half of a yellow Sun" will be turned to a movie soon. Sources including report that Actor Chiwetel Ejiofor, actress Thandie Newton and dominic cooper have signed on to star in the upcoming screen adaptation.

   The filming is scheduled to begin in March and  will be shot in Nigeria,to be directed by Biyi Bandele . Screen Daily also reports that "UK producers Andrea Calderwood (The Last King of Scotland) and Gail Egan (The Constant Gardener) have recently secured crucial private equity backing from Nigeria in order to move the anticipated project forward. The BFI has also supported the film."

Chimamanda adichie

  The film will tell the story in the the  novel which describes the Nigerian-Biafran war,1967-70 and its effects on the lives of a high ranking political figure , a professor ,a British citizen and a houseboy,also the main characters in the book , igbo people who are described as one of the largest ethnic groups in Nigeria, and they were also the main victims of this horrifying war. 


  1. I enjoyed every line of this novel,a movie would neva adequately convey d emotions n expressions,but I hope it will try.God bless u Chimamanda.

  2. Thats very good for chimamanda ,