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Sunday, January 1

African Model Samar Khoury brings the charm to Zen Magazine January 2012 cover

 Samar Khoury covers the January 2012 issue of Zen Magazine. Samar was born in Democratic Republic of Congo to a Lebanese Father and a Congolese  mother. Samar got separated from her Mom during the conflict between Congo & Rwanda in the 90's and there isn't a day that goes by that she doesn't think of where her Mom could be.

      She has experienced both the pain & difficultly growing up without her Mom but still stays positive that someday she would be reunited with her Mom 'tears'. She is passionate about modelling because it gives her the freedom to express her emotions. She is a huge fan of Nigerian, Angolan, Cape Verdean, & Congolese music. 

    Samar shares her story with Zen this January and also gives  an insight into what all models truly want in life. Zen has loads of juicy details in this issue from  editorial interview with fashion designer Yemi Osunkoya the man behind the world renowned fashion brand Kosibah, to all focus on the new faces of African music 'L-TIDO, EFYA, DAVIDO, LHF, CAMP MULLA, & KWESTA', &  3 days in the desert for the Festival Au Desert in Mali - the perfect kind of start to any year!

Costume Designer / Stylist --> Fée Uhssi
Make-up By -->  Yasmine Smatti
Photography by Eric Schneider

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